Just south of Vancouver is Richmond, British Columbia where I was born and have lived my entire life. Growing up I attended public schools within my city and am currently pursuing my bachelor’s degree in communication. I started dancing at age of 8, fell in love with it and started competing not too long after. I have always taken pride in my schoolwork and hobbies and been dedicated to trying my hardest, which has taught me to be grateful and find positivity in every scenario, despite my slightly competitive nature. One of my most important values would be the people in my life, consisting of my family and friends. With that, I like to spend most of my time doing the things I enjoy with the people important to me.

Living so close to Vancouver has never really intrigued me growing up. I guess because it was so normal to me I never saw it as a tourist city or a place I would want to visit if I didn’t live here. Since then, I have learned to have gratitude for everything in my life and have desired exploring the city to do so. The purpose of this blog is to document my journey of falling in love with the place I am so fortunate to call home, so join me as I experience everything beautiful British Columbia has to offer including scenery, cuisine, entertainment and much more!

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