Peer Review 1

Milana’s website, Time Traveler’s Notes’ contains content about media reviews and recommendations which I find very interesting. I personally love a good recommendation and use reviews to make practically all my decisions. After reading through the ‘about’ page, I found out a little more about Milana and their interests, including their love for music! I found this ‘about’ page very useful and well-written as it provided some insight to what specifically will be posted on the website and getting to know the author in this way definitely gave me a better idea of the environment that they are trying to create on their website. It already feels a lot more personable in a way that I know who I am reading about and how they choose to express themselves. I also feel like I can relate in a way as I also love music, however I don’t know much about previous decades of popular culture which makes me excited to continue reading the blog.

I would also like to say I love the style of the website. The dark theme with purples and blues gives it a very futuristic feel which I would say matches the blog quite well considering it is called “time travelers note’s”. The photo on the home page is also a perfect fit. Additionally, I found the website pretty easy to navigate through as the ‘about’ page and Posiel content was easy to find and access.

I read through the first process post and I really enjoyed it. Milana is a great writer and included details that were very important to get the message across. The course readings were also incorporated into the post which is definitely useful, especially since Milana managed to relate their experience directly to the readings in a way that connected everything together rather than just a random source. However, I do wish that the link for the How to Talk to Strangers article was included somewhere in the post. This way, if a reader is interested in the original piece of work that inspired this post, they can easily find and access it. Linking the article is also a great way to give some more credit to the author of that work!

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find any additional posts on the website. I am not exactly sure if it’s because I wasn’t able to access them, or if they are just not posted quite yet. However I do have to say that it made me just a little bit disappointed, because I am loving this content! Milana is off to a great start with her website and as a reader I am very intrigued. The website is simple yet interesting, is quite aesthetically pleasing and has some very well-written content. To improve the website I would suggest including some links when mentioning any other piece of work whether it be someone else’s or even your own, and I would also add some more content. Especially some content posts about the original topic of the blog in addition to the Posiel content that is already published. Overall, Milana is doing a great job and I am very excited to visit this website again in the future and see what else has been posted!


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