Peer Review #3

This week, I was assigned to peer review the website sixtyfortythree by Darien Smallboy. The website showcases all of the photography work that the author has done in a very aesthetic way. As a user, I am quite pleased with the design of the website as it is minimalistic and easy to use but still shows the work in very nice way. Any buttons about where to contact Darien, where to find more of their work, and where to learn about the brand are all very easy to find and even encouraged to click on. I think this is useful especially if someone who does not know how to use technology very well finds this website as they will be able to navigate through it quite smoothly. I also like that there is a portion of the website that talks about the sixtyfortythree brand, why it was created, and the credentials that Darien has as a photographer to gain the trust of the users. In Sam Hollingsworth’s writing about SEO and why they are important, he states that “establishing a brand as an authority takes patience, effort, and commitment and relies on offering a valuable, quality product or service that allows customers to trust a brand” (Hollingsworth, 2021). Which is why I appreciate the use of examples of the photography that Darien has included to show experience in order to gain the trust of the website’s users.

Regarding the marketability of this website, I am not sure if Darien is planning on monetizing the website and making a profit off the content, but I think it would be a great opportunity to! I think one great way to engage with the audience a little but more would be to introduce social media platforms, if possible. Danah Boyd writes about using social media as a tool for creating publics as it builds a network of people and connections. Social media allows users to access their friends and introduces them to a broader world, making them feel like they are a part of something bigger and important to it. “Through engagement with publics, people develop a sense of others that ideally manifests as tolerance and respect” (Boyd, 2014). That being said, I think if Darien linked some social media platforms that also showed more photography it would encourage a specific public. Additionally, these social media accounts could be used to further promote the website.

Overall, I think Darien has done a great job with the website so far with its marketability as I can determine his intended audience based on the design, and I can see a lot of potential for how this audience can be marketed to, and how the website could possibly be monetized and used to support Darien’s future in photography!


Visit Darien’s Website here!

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